6th Grade

Day 1- Food Labels

The Nutrition Facts Label can tell you the amount of fat, sugar, salt and other ingredients in the food you choose. The Nutrition Facts Label is printed somewhere on the outside of packaged food, and you usually don’t have to look hard to find it. It’s important to know how to read a food label so you know what you are putting into your body.

1. Watch this video on “How to Read a Nutrition Facts Label”.  
How To Read A Food Label
2.  Now click on the link below to play the food label game.
Ride the Food Label

3.  When you have completed the game, answer this question in an email to me.  ebronson@sau49.org 

1.  How can reading a food label help you to make healthy nutrition choices?

Or click here to do the paper version.  You do not have to do both.


Day 2- Where Can I Go?  Health Resources

  Sometimes when you learn something new, you start to have more questions.  Parents, teachers, school nurse, guidance counselors and doctors are all examples of trusted adults who can help to answer questions about your health.

In today's blizzard bag, you will look at a few reliable health websites that are recommended for young people.  The internet can be a great place to look for information, but some sites may be misleading or inaccurate.  That's why it is important to know what sites are the most accurate and reliable.

Directions:  Look up the following websites and answer the corresponding questions in an email to me.  ebronson@sau49.org 
*You may also submit your answers to me through a google doc.   

1. www.kidshealth.org  What topics are covered? (list 4-5 topics)  Who is the target audience:  kids/teens       parents         both

2.  www.teenhealth.org  What topics are covered? (list 4-5 topics)
Who is the target audience:  kids/teens       parents         both

3.  www.cdc.gov/bam/index.html  What topics are covered?  (list 4-5 topics)
Who is the target audience?  kids/teens     parents     both

4.  www.pacerkidsagainstbullying.org    What topics are covered? (list 4-5 topics)
Who is the target audience?  kids/teens     parents     both

A paper copy of this assignment can be found here.Blizzard Bag- Health Resources

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