3rd Grade

Day 1- Healthy Food Choices
Healthy food choices give us the energy we need to live and have fun.

1.  Please complete two of the activities below.

Food Arcade Game
Food Jigsaw Puzzles
Memory Food Game
Talking My Plate

2.  When you have completed your two activities, answer these two questions in an email to me.  ebronson@sau49.org 

1.  What two activities did you choose to play?
2.  How can you use this information in your real life?

Or click here to do the paper version.  You do not have to do both.


Day 2 - Why Do People Exercise

It doesn't matter if you like to play soccer, ski, hike, vacuum, or shovel snow...we all need physical activity in our lives!

Take some time to interview your family and friends to find out why they like to exercise.  Fill out this chart

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